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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drew Doughty IP

We headed up to the city today to try to get Drew Doughty on a few more projects. I had two #8's, one being from the Stoll kit I forgot on Thursday and the Team Canada #8, plus two pucks. I double checked with Boston Pizza and they confirmed he would be there at 1:00 today. I needed the pucks still so I went to my favorite hobby store and found out Doughty was at a local doughnut shop waiting for 1:00. There were 3 places to check out, nothing panned out, oh well...Doughty came in about 12:30 sat down for some lunch and there were about 25 people waiting. He quickly ate and within 3mins or so, we were next in line. My wife and I both teach so we asked fro some extra cards to give to our kids and they were happy to give up 5 and possibly more but we would have to wait. Never waited...We both congratulated Drew on the Gold medal win and he was very humble in his response, we knew full well he had heard that many times since. I asked for the Team Canada #8 to be personalized and the marker bled a little. He stopped after my name and asked the coordinator for something different, they had nothing. So I pulled out my new sharpie for the occasion and Drew signed the #8 with the 2010 Gold on it. I asked if he wanted to keep the sharpie and he quickly said yes. I got the Kings puck signed too along with a picture with a Olympic Gold Medalist. My wife got a Canada puck and Kings jersey signed, she had met Doughty before the the whole Olympic thing made it pretty cool for both of us. She got her picture with him and he used my silver sharpie for the puck and jersey for my wife, I asked him if he wanted to keep that one too and he said, "If you don't mind."
Yah, I lent Drew Doughty two sharpies for the day. I think I can start every sentence for the next 2 weeks with that one. Drew showed up today for the people that missed him on Thursday so he gets my vote for a class act and great person. Thanks Drew!

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herringtond said...

Those are some killer Doughy autos. I met him at the draft in Ottawa. I got him to sign a team Canada puck. He was very approachable. He was actually with Zach Bogosian, but I had nothing for him to sign. I have to get into the habit of bringing some generic items with me. lol.