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Friday, July 2, 2010

What A Better Way To Spend Canada Day-Hendry and the Cup

We drive over to Nokomis where Jordan Hendry calls home today, July 1 or Canada Day. It is approximately 1.5 hours over some not so nice roads. The trip there was OK, got to town about 5:00 found the rink and walked in to see Jordan signing autographs already. Not many people were there by then so it was a 2 minute wait. They were raising money for the local senior team so $5 for a 5x7 and $10 for a 8x10. Not a bad deal, goes to a great cause. So I got my number and stick blade out, my wife had 2 blank pucks and I bought a 8x10 for him to sign. Got everything signed inside of 5 minutes. I asked him to personalize the number and he did making sure he spelled my name right, thanks Jordan (see Tavares and Schenn jerseys) But no Stanley Cup yet, rats...We ended up getting something to eat and walked around to check out the silent auction items, lots of Hendry signed stuff, jersey, hat, name plate but the big ticket items were the team signed stick, jersey and framed Toews jersey.We came back to the rink closer to 6:00 the start time for the program. Jordan's uncle, announced the Cup would be there around 7:30pm so we waited. I have seen the Cup many times in the last few years but, never leave a concert before the closing band comes on I guess. I ended up getting a 5x7 signed and asked Jordan a few more questions. We had a plan to get back into line and just let people go ahead so when the Cup gets there, we would be close. At about 7:30, Jordan was called outside so we knew it was close. Jordan returned holding the Cup above his head, a really neat image, he looked very proud. We waited and got our picture with the Stanley Cup and Jordan, which was rare and cool, Kunitz, Babcock never did that, we were just able to take the picture. The ride home was awful, we have had above average rain and one part of the road we needed to cross was washed out two weeks ago and by now, is probably underwater, we were lucky to get home.


Johngy said...

Awesome. I still have yet to see the Cup in person.
When you get the pic of you and the Cup, can you send that over?
I'll be running this probably on 7/19.
Thanks and congrats.

kc said...

We are fortunate to live where we do, lots of players are from around here. One report said Saskatchewan has the highest rate of hockey players per ca-pita. Have a look at Mike Babcock day, Regehr, Schenn, Armstrong, all guys that are around here in the summer, they all do charity stuff in the summer so the pickings are great. Maybe come for a holiday one summer! LOL!