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Friday, November 19, 2010

Two of the Nicest Leafs, But I Need Some Help

Signed Colby Armstrong Leafs Puck

This is the jersey that I tried to get signed at the Pink Warrior classic last August with no luck. Johnny's website has a send in program, where you just pay for the item ($35 for a jersey)and shipping and they get him to sign it and return to you. Most players from that generation have that, Howe, Orr and at one time, Hull. But I need your help with this one. Once I looked at it, it did not look like Mr. Bower's signature. I have lots of items from him, a jersey from Frozen Pond, cards from UD and the items from the past summer. The Bower looks good but the 'J' doesn't. Please give me feedback, a real Bower signature or not?


Tony said...

Hard to say,as everything I have is photos or cards. But I have over 12 things signed, and I am a bit suspicious. It just doesn't "feel" right to me. And every Bower autograph I have, I've received in person.

kc said...

thanks for your reply. same with me, just doesn't look right. It's Johnny's site, what should I do if I can prove its a fake?

Tony said...

I don't know what recourse you would have. I know that he answers all his fan mail from his home address, and that he makes quite a few appearances every year in the Toronto area. Are you in Toronto? Bower is making an appearance in December.

Tony said...

Sorry, looks like you are in Calgary?
Anyway, Frozen Pond in Toronto is having Bower in on Dec 18. It might be worth it to maybe replace your number "1" and send your jersey to get signed through them. Frozen Pond is legit and very trustworthy. Here's the link.

kc said...

Thanks, I am a fan of frozen pond so I did think of that. I won't loose any sleep but really urks me. google jb and look for the .net site. seems weird but I do agree not looking so good. thanks