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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow, A Very Cool Night...A Guy Name Bower....

We attended the Oldtimer Game tonight and wow, a very cool night. The pregame public skate brought out Gary Leeman and Bernie Nicholls. They skated with people, signed autographs and chatted with everyone. I asked Bernie for a pic and to sign and puck and he was more than happy to oblige. I chatted with Bernie and asked him a few questions about what he has been up to. He mentioned he was at Gretzky's Fantasy Camp three weeks ago and he is a ready to go moose hunting soon. He is a down to earth guy, very cool to chat with.

We headed up to grab our seats and were pleasantly surprised with someone we ran into.
Theo signed and took pics with about 15 people. He looks very happy with his life now. I grew up in the town next to Theo and was buddy's with his brother growing up. I mentioned this to Theo and he said that Teddy was upstairs. I went up to find him and we chatted for about 15 mins. I bought the Theo Team Canada photo for $20.
Good deal.
I was not prepared to buy a $120 Oldtimer jersey again, so I made sure I got all the things signed that I brought.

Top R-L Igor Kravchuk, Bryan Trottier, Val Bure Theo Fleury, Bernie Nicholls, Val Bure Trottier Card
Hey, I am being a jerk now...Here's the good stuff.....

This was really cool to have Mr. Bower in attendance. He signed for a charge though, a little step but I finally got my own Bower jersey signed in person. I have 4 signed Bower jerseys now, only 1 signed in person. I mentioned I met him in Spiritwood and he smiled and said how much fun that was. So, $40 to get a signed Johnny Bower jersey when he's sitting right in front of you, would you do it? Yah, I didn't even blink....

Signed Theo Fleury Team Canada Jersey (no nameplate yet though)

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