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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well, That Might Rank Up There....

$145 for a signed Joe Sakic puck from Pacific Coast Memorabilia. $50 steak knives came with it too so not a bad deal.

Guess what this is?

Get in line to say I suck;
Wayne Gretzky's Team Canada 1987 Championship Ring on my finger, Walter told me to put it up to my face like that. He mentioned the four diamonds on the top signify the Canada Cup held every 4 years.

Tonight we attended the Strongfield Elks Charity Sports Dinner. The guest speaker was the most famous hockey dad, Walter Gretzky. Other highlights were Mike McCullough plus the World Silver Medalist Junior Curlers from the area. Both Mike and Walter were already mingling as we walked in. Walter spoke to everyone in the place, all 200 guests. He signed autographs and took pictures with anyone who asked. He needed to see the picture before you could walk away though, had to pass his test. He also staged the picture telling our friend where to stand. He signed my Gretzky jersey, making 4 signed Gretzky jerseys.LOL...
He had pre-signed a lot of little cards then just personalized the name. I told him the story about meeting Wayne and talking to him about teaching history. I showed him the pic of Wayne and I and he laughed. I then got the Gretzky history quiz. I got 50%...2 out of 4. He took my name and address, get back in line now.
He told me to write down 5 people including myself and they would receive signed Wayne Gretzky 8x10's within the month. Wow...
I am now dog arse tired so more stories, pics and some videos tomorrow.

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S├ębastian Hell said...


I'm speechless.

You're going to end up with the biggest 99 collection between Toronto (his restaurant) and Edmonton (the Oilers' stockroom).

All I can say is ''keep up the good work''. You've obviously got some good karma.