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Friday, October 1, 2010

Miikka and Conroy

Craig Conroy still continues to be one the nice guys of the NHL. He signed autographs in Wednesday's game and smiled while he did. A little fellow about 5 years old, in fact 5 years old came down to the bench with 3 minutes left to try to get Conroy's autograph. My wife and I were both laughing at this little fellow, knew all the player's numbers and names, hated the Oilers and wanted Conroy's autograph real bad. He was not able to get Conroy's autograph. He got Miikka's stick instead. Miikka was the first star and skated back to the bench and handed his stick to the little boy. The little boy shook his head no, he wanted Conroy's autograph. Miikka really wasn't sure what to say so my wife grabbed the stick, Miikka thought she was grabbing it for herself. She was 1 foot away and looked at Miikka and said, "I'm giving it to him."
Miikka realized she was trying to help the boy out and gave it to her. She gave to the boy and he still didn't want it. His mom was there by then and took both the stick and young Flames fan home.
I also reached for Glencross's stick after the game and he banged the glass pointing at another young boy so I just handed it to the boy. I wasn't sure if Curtis was mad or just wanted me to know it was for the boy. It didn't bother me at all, Curtis has been great to me so no harm no foul.

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