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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saskatoon VS Swift Current

A rather snowy night but another successful mission completed. We were a little late getting to the game and we knew tickets would not be an issue, CUC holds close to 15000 people and the Blades draw maybe 4-5000 per game. There was a buzz in the air as we stood in line and it was known that Schenn was a scratch with his shoulder. There was a ceremony for Schenn and Hamilton before the game and both the Team Canada players dropped the ceremonial puck for minor hockey players. Schenn was signing after the second period so we were able to watch most of the game. Walking around the arena after the first period, my head turned, yah there's Rich Sutter, Lukas Sutter's dad. I paused for a minute and thought 2 pucks last year and then no pucks for Brayden to sign. I really wanted to get Brayden on a Team Canada puck, and that's all I had with my jerseys. Oh well...
We were 20th in line behind many minor hockey players, we stood in line at the 12:00 min mark of the second period and they're were maybe 100 people in line within 15 mins or so. Brayden is Brayden, a down to earth, laid back, local kid. He spoke with the people, signed whatever they wanted and took some pictures. We got to the front and I asked Brayden to sign my jersey number and personalize it. He said,"Sure" and yet again, I got a "All the Best" inscription on my jersey number by the 2011 WLC MVP. My wife got the black signed of another Team Canada jersey with silver maker and my Team Canada puck. She asked him for a picture of him and he agreed. This easily could be misconstrued as a proof pic but he is who is is, cool. Another perk of the cute wife thing maybe too. Anyway, here's the loot.

Man, it was my wife's decision to get it signed in the black with silver instead of with black on the red, love it!

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