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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lots, But No IP's

This one is on the trading block. Send me offers, Flames players!

We ended up getting free tickets to the Saskatoon Blades game last night and were heading in the the city so thought what the heck. The Blades were playing the Prince Albert Raiders, who sit in 7th spot in the WHL. Scott Hartnall is a Raider Alumni also so it's always fun to watch the 'DUB' Teams. The was no real chance for an autograph but after the game, the Blades always have a player profile who would come up and sign for people, last night was Duncan Siemans. The Blades will sell tickets for a game used jersey, I have come so close to Schenn's and Zahn's. I dropped $15 hoping I could get it signed after the game, missed it by 200 numbers...rats....I have a real interesting video of Lukas Sutter, son of Rich Sutter who was chirping another player prior to puck drop. Once a Sutter always a Sutter. Within a few minutes, the gloves were dropped and Sutter does what a Sutter does...He was like a pitbull on the ice. This is not his draft year but he will go to someone, either 2011 or 2012. My stash is from the mail two days ago. 4/4 from Brett Hull, sent a long time ago, actually gave up on them since I met him in Oct and got the puck and jersey signed. Schenn pic from the Blades game, $3, and the Panini cards from eBay. I had to get my hands on the Craig Conroy Heritage puck, signed before retirement. I will get the Schenn photo signed maybe TTM, here it would only take about 10 days if they're in town.

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S├ębastian Hell said...

I'd like to take you up on the Hull...

I'll see what I can package for you.