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Friday, February 4, 2011

Joe Joe---> Got Him!

Well let's spill the beans about my last two weeks. I was playing in a rec hockey tournament two weeks ago. In the first 5 mins, I pushed some player and felt a pop in my right bicep. I knew I hurt it but played the rest on the game. By the end of the game, I could not shoot the puck 4 feet. I came off the ice and my bicep was bulged and off center. I showed my wife and she took me to the hospital. I tore my bicep just under my shoulder. I have all the tests they could do to find out no surgery, it's the John Elway tear. He won 2 Super Bowls with the same injury. It will take 3-4 months and I will get 90% of the strength back with time. It hurts like heck and I just have to deal with it. Here's the segway!
Today I had a doctor's apt with my arm and when I was finished I drove downtown to try and get Sakic. This is the same event we got Gretzky at last year. I was headed to the hotel and saw a white limo drive by me. Our city has 250, 000 people but that's Sakic, I know it. I turned around and headed to TCU. I was across the street when I saw Sakic walk into the building. I was about 20 secs late. I ran into the building but missed him. I ended up bumbing into Darian Durant in the waiting area. Only in Saskatchewan. I actually said to him, "Hi Darian, you've signed lots for me before so just wanted to say hi!" He laughed and shook my hand.
John Elway was the other speaker at the event but I was not really concerned but thought this has to be karma helping me out a little. I waited as the VIP's walked in with their jerseys and footballs. Hah, no one had silver sharpies, I had a pocket full...Evil laugh....
The emcee walked by and people, I recognized him but did not know his name. He's a sports comedian, name slips my mind! Found it...

Jim Ralph

I asked him if there was any chance to get Joe to sign. He said yah, he's a good guy, so just hang around. So I sat and waited. About 25 mins later, he came out and asked what I had. I said a Team Canada jersey and he said he would be right back and walked out the door. I knew what that meant. 20 secs later Joe Sakic walked out to head to the washroom just around the corner. I caught him and asked him for an autograph. He said, "Sure, get it ready and I'll be back." No shame when your after a future HOF'er. And no I would never enter for an autograph.LOL!
He signed for my on the '9' and I said I always thought of him when I use my snow blower. He laughed and said, "Oh thanks." I said "No for what not to do." He laughed and walked off. I said thanks so much and he said "No problem."
Kinda a dumb comment but hey, it was a long day. This may take priority to finish ahead of the Schenn Canada jersey.
No Elway but that's ok. But I left the funny part out.
I had a half hour to kill before my doc apt so I headed to the mall. I saw 2 guys with Rider jersey and my radar was spinning. I walked to Sport Chek and bought a football, they're here somewhere. There was a marathon radio event and 3 Riders were signing for people and taking pledges. Cool ball signed by Gene Makowsky, Jeremy O'Day, and Mike McCullough. And that's my story...


S├ębastian Hell said...


Sakic is my favourite player ever, I own 4 jerseys of him with the Nordiques (#88 and 19), and 4 with the Avs (all #19: the two original, the burgundy third, and one of those ugly Reebok ones) to go with the 2002 Team Canada I bought framed.

Never met him in real life, though.

herringtond said...

That is awesome! I hope I can get him at some point.

ryan said...

That's sweet! I sent to him about a month TTM so hopefully I will get it back. You can check out my blog if you want at markoshockeyautos.blogspot.com