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Friday, July 30, 2010

2009-10 BAP Pack Breaks

We headed up to the city today so I stopped in my favorite hobby shop to check out anything new on the market. I cured myself of the UD Ultimate so no need to go there. I decided to crack some 2009-10 BAP, pulled some neat cards, especially the triple auto from Myers and Hedman. Some of my favorite players too, love the Hartnell and Aucoin cards. I opened 4 packs at what I thought was $14 a pack and then thought about another, pulling a double hit, Couture patch and Raymond auto. The till was rang up to find out the packs went up to $18 a pck. Yikes, but better stuff than before. The kicker in my mind was a better card pulled from the $18 pack than the $114 pack. Hmmm...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colby Armstrong

How can you not love this guy, local guy, hard working and just a blast to chat with. He is not a friend of mine by any means but this is how Colby treats his fans. My wife asked me what we were chatting about, I haven't a clue, I was chatting with Colby Armstrong! I have met both Schenn and Armstrong now and there is a buzz about Toronto this year. I wish the boys a great season!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Box Break

I was curious about this product so decided to try a box/pack out. I received it today and cracked it open, the Toews isn't bad but yikes for the price, not great stuff.

Doesn't the second patch appear to be the 'E' in his name.
What do you think?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Schenn, Armstrong, Regehr and Babs

Signed by James Wright, Riley Armstrong, Robyn Regher, Byron Bitz and Quintin Laing

Agenda for the Breakfast With Babs

These photos were left on the table for everyone. Notice the people in the pics, Bowman, Crosby, Babcock, cool eh? We got them signed right after the breakfast, check back later for Mr. Bowman's Cup Ring.

Luke Schenn Signed #2 Leafs Semi Pro Jersey

Top Right to Left: Colby Armstrong-Leafs, Luke Schenn/Colby Armstrong (how cool is that)-Leafs, Mike Babcock-Olympic Puck, Robyn Regher-Flames
Bottom Right to Left: Kenn Holland/Mike Babcock-Wings, Mike Babcock-Mike Babcock Day Puck, Scotty Bowman-Wings Puck, Kelly Chase-Blank Schenn and Armstrong Addition to Leafs Jersey
Jon Montgomery Signed 'Get 'Er Done' T-Shirt

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boy What a Day, Check It Out...

This is typed on my blackberry so spelling errors and typos will be noticeable. Fixed when I get back home Monday along with the loot pics.

Mike Babcock Day was a formal day spent to honor Mike for his accomplishments of being part of the Triple Gold Club;
Stanley Cup, World Junior Gold and Olympic Gold. More importantly, to raise money for a children's hospital in our city. The closest is in Calgary, 6 hours away. This has been a passion of many, including dozens of local volunteers and many high profile athletes, including Mike Weir.
It was an early start today, 5:30am but boy worth it. It was an hour drive to Saskatoon and knew the day would be long but exciting. We pulled up to the building and headed inside. There did not appear to be many people there but we checked in and were kind of greeted by Robyn Regher. We handed our tickets in and right beside us was Regher. I never let these chances slip away, I said, "Hi Robyn.". He looked at me and smiled, said "Hi, how are good you?". We exchanged 'how are yous' and headed to our table. This appeared like a great day, Mike Babcock was about 10 ft to my left, Scotty Bowman walked by, Todd Mclellan 3 table over. Hmm, interesting... We visited people at our table for a few minutes but my head was elsewhere. I grabbed my Flames puck and headed over to where Regher was chatting with someone. I asked how his little man was. Two years ago at the Valley Regional Park fundraiser his wife was pregnant. This engaged him in a conversation for a few minutes. He was pulled away so he signed my puck and I made my way to the table. Seconds later, in walks Luke Schenn, Colby and Riley Armstrong and someone I really had no idea who it was. Yikes, it was James Wright of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The formal part of the program began. St. Louis Blues alumni, Kelly Chase was the Master of Ceremonies so we knew there would be humor. The breakfast was the standard items; fruit, eggs, ham, bacon, sausage and other yummy things. I laughed when I noticed Schenn's plate, proper portions, lots of fruit and no croissants or nasty fatty foods. Pretty much the same plate as mine, good enough for Schenn, good enough for me. They introduced more players in the crowd, Curtis Leschyshyn and a few others. They had a players/coaches Q and A with Babcock, Bowman, Mclellan, Armstrong and Regher. Chase led the Q&A with funny quirk about the members of the panel. Except Bowman, people stood when he was announced and he was respected throughout the room. Ever wanted to know what Babcock said to Team Cananda before the overtime? Check back Monday night, my Youtube channel will have it.
I noticed Schenn looking bored so I headed over to ask him if he would sign my Schenn jersey. I asked him to personalize it, remembering to spell my name for him. Bingo, jersey signed with a 'All the Best'. The coaches were all sitting around visiting so we headed over to the main table, Bowman and Babcock. I tapped Bowman on the shoulder and asked for an autograph and he signed my Wings puck. I knew my wife wanted to get Babcock on a Vancouver Olympics 2010 puck. Now this is funny, my wife had a SILVER sharpie for him to sign and he wouldn't touch it when she asked him to sign her puck. He said, "What, don't you want me to sign it in GOLD" He laughed and she got it right away and replied, "Oh sure, GOLD please."
He admired the puck and said he had never seen one like that before. Sorry US readers...We got pics with both guys and thanked them.
Colby Armstrong was hanging around the auction items and I approached him to sign a Leafs puck. Colby is one of the coolest players you will ever meet. I congratulated him on the new contract and asked him a few questions. We chatted for about 5mins and had some laughs. I saw a flash on my right and knew my wife would be taking pics of us chatting. Great guy and new daddy!
My wife looked at the table and noticed folded photos of Babcock. She grabbed a few from our table and noticed a few were signed. There were photos of Babs and Crosby and Babs and Bowman. They had a quick autograph session with both Babs and Bowman so I got another Wings puck signed along with the one photo of Crosby and Babs. I asked him if he was giving him s*#t and he laughed and said something like he told him to skate only back to the red line. My wife got Bowman on the dual photo already signed by Babs. She got a real good pic of Bowman's Wings Cup ring, pic to follow Monday.
Ken Holland was chatting with someone and I wanted him on the Babcock Wings puck. He was happy to sign it. Very short man but a great GM. He almost confirmed Modano 1 year too. You heard it here first!
Luke Schenn was walking out and we stopped him to get him on a Leafs puck. He smiled,commenting on it being a Leafs puck and signed it. I asked him how his summer was going and he said he was ready to "get back at 'er". We both got pics with him and thanked him. I noticed Armstrong heading our way and she got him on the Schenn puck. Think that's rare? The final piece of the puzzle was Kelly Chase on a blank puck, I said I could not get a Blues puck. He laughed and said they were all sold out eh? He let me try on his Peoria Championship ring, cool but not as shiny as Bowman's ring. Both pics Monday. To top the morning off, I won a Jon Montgomery signed t-shirt for 40 bucks, cool... Well that was just from 8:00 to 10:30 this morning. The skate and autograph session with the gang later!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Need Some Community Help....

Our little town is in a fight for a $25000 upgrade for our local pool. This is a TSN contest where TSN will broadcast from our town if we win. Tie in hockey here, TSN is our Canadian sports leader station and the money would be used for our pool. Please vote for us!

For Sale....

Just kidding, sorry...Thought it was funny....

More Jersey Updates

These are now finally sewn!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Luke Schenn Rookie Threads

I hope to get him on another Leafs jersey this weekend.

2008-2009 Upper Deck Rookie
Playmakers #58/100
I like this swatch, nice and large.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RIP Bob Probert

I was very saddened to hear Bob Probert passed away on the weekend. He was feared throughout the NHL and it was no secret he had his demons. I have met Bob a two occasions but really was impressed during our last meeting in February. Bob came out on the ice to skate with people before the Oldtimers game along with Gary Leeman and Jimmy Mann. He appeared rough, but very nice to the kids and others. I asked Gary to show my wife how to skate backwards and he called Probert over to show her how to do it with picks. He checked her picks and then Probert and Leeman took about 1 lap showing her the proper technique. A few things came to mind even when we met Probert, he made sure every person on the ice had an autograph, scanning the ice almost doing a checklist in his head of who got something signed. He was admiring a few autographs on black helmets and gloves with silver sharpies. Bob asked me to use my silver sharpie and gave it back to me after, what was I going to do argue? He signed a Red Wings puck for me and got a picture with him, then after, I asked him if we could get silly, and he knew what I wanted. So to the Probert family, he was a heck of a nice person and our sincerest sympathy to your family.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What A Better Way To Spend Canada Day-Hendry and the Cup

We drive over to Nokomis where Jordan Hendry calls home today, July 1 or Canada Day. It is approximately 1.5 hours over some not so nice roads. The trip there was OK, got to town about 5:00 found the rink and walked in to see Jordan signing autographs already. Not many people were there by then so it was a 2 minute wait. They were raising money for the local senior team so $5 for a 5x7 and $10 for a 8x10. Not a bad deal, goes to a great cause. So I got my number and stick blade out, my wife had 2 blank pucks and I bought a 8x10 for him to sign. Got everything signed inside of 5 minutes. I asked him to personalize the number and he did making sure he spelled my name right, thanks Jordan (see Tavares and Schenn jerseys) But no Stanley Cup yet, rats...We ended up getting something to eat and walked around to check out the silent auction items, lots of Hendry signed stuff, jersey, hat, name plate but the big ticket items were the team signed stick, jersey and framed Toews jersey.We came back to the rink closer to 6:00 the start time for the program. Jordan's uncle, announced the Cup would be there around 7:30pm so we waited. I have seen the Cup many times in the last few years but, never leave a concert before the closing band comes on I guess. I ended up getting a 5x7 signed and asked Jordan a few more questions. We had a plan to get back into line and just let people go ahead so when the Cup gets there, we would be close. At about 7:30, Jordan was called outside so we knew it was close. Jordan returned holding the Cup above his head, a really neat image, he looked very proud. We waited and got our picture with the Stanley Cup and Jordan, which was rare and cool, Kunitz, Babcock never did that, we were just able to take the picture. The ride home was awful, we have had above average rain and one part of the road we needed to cross was washed out two weeks ago and by now, is probably underwater, we were lucky to get home.