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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RIP Bob Probert

I was very saddened to hear Bob Probert passed away on the weekend. He was feared throughout the NHL and it was no secret he had his demons. I have met Bob a two occasions but really was impressed during our last meeting in February. Bob came out on the ice to skate with people before the Oldtimers game along with Gary Leeman and Jimmy Mann. He appeared rough, but very nice to the kids and others. I asked Gary to show my wife how to skate backwards and he called Probert over to show her how to do it with picks. He checked her picks and then Probert and Leeman took about 1 lap showing her the proper technique. A few things came to mind even when we met Probert, he made sure every person on the ice had an autograph, scanning the ice almost doing a checklist in his head of who got something signed. He was admiring a few autographs on black helmets and gloves with silver sharpies. Bob asked me to use my silver sharpie and gave it back to me after, what was I going to do argue? He signed a Red Wings puck for me and got a picture with him, then after, I asked him if we could get silly, and he knew what I wanted. So to the Probert family, he was a heck of a nice person and our sincerest sympathy to your family.

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