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Thursday, December 23, 2010


SportChek had these for $49.99, had to jump at it quick. Notice the GOLD 2010 INSCR....Oh Yah!
This makes 3 Doughty jerseys now. I am glad he's a buddy of Stoll's, so maybe his JR team next year.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Authentic! Bower...

I spoke with Frozenpond again today and was treated with a pleasant surprise. The website that I sent the jersey to was legit. They asked Mr. Bower if he knew of that site and he did, saying he has worked with them a lot in the past. He was shown this picture and authenticated it for me, saying, "Yah, that looks good, that's my signature." The rep from Frozenpond continued to say when they were watching Mr. Bower sign, some of his "J's" look like this. Good thing I waited for this, I was about to rip the #1 off. Oh yah, I got them to get Mr. Bower to sign a #1 just in case, for $25, yah that will make 3 Bower Jerseys....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Only in Canada

I had a plan about my Johnny Bower jersey. I called Frozen Pond yesterday and asked if I could get a #1 signed by Bower and out it on my 'fake' Bower jersey. I explained my situation and asked of they knew of the www.johnnybower.net site. They looked it up and it was not on the internet anymore. I knew that and assumed that helped with my question about the authenticity of the jersey (see below). The worker looked at the jersey from this blog and said it did look funny. He did say though, Bower signs almost every weekend so why would someone fake it when its actually an easy graph to get. Plus, the person sent a $150 jersey back for $35...Anyway, he took a copy of my jersey from this blog and said he will ask Bower if he knew of the site and if he can tell if that was his signature. Cool...I did not care about the $35 but really wanted to know if it was legit, this should help and for $30, I can replace if not.

Darian Durant and Lance Frazier IP

Forgot about this one. Durant and Frazier were in the local Rider store two weeks ago signing for fans. I scouted the place out long in advance, bought the 8x10 hours before, laughed at the poor saps lined up for an hour just before. NHL'ers are always great signers, WHL'ers sometimes, Cowen take a lesson here. Both Riders apologized for loosing in the Grey Cup last month. I was about 10th in line and heard all of the people comment that these players were classy players. I was able to tell Durant something I really wanted to say. I told him, "You were the only player who could have got out of that to even try the throw." He looked up at me and thanked me. He will win a few Cups before he is done. He's not 30 yet, 2 trips to the Cup as a starter, 3 in total. He will only get better. Now, Andy please come back!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eric Nystrom

2005-2006 Upper Deck Glacial Graphs
I was really ticked when Calgary did not sign Eric. I know for a fact he wanted to stay, his dad told me so. Yes, Bob Nystrom told me Eric was happy in Calgary and wanted to renew his contract with them. Not so.....