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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jersey Updates #3, Plus Schenn and Clark

Hmm, now have two of these, my wife said this one can hang in the 'Man Cave' downstairs.

Finally got this one stitched, does look better.

Rare and kind of cool, Dennis Hull Team Canada 1972 Jersey
Finally finished this one, cool...
Clarky, bought from local hobby shop.
Just had to have this, Frameworth auction, 16x20. Will go with one of the jersey when it gets framed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remember Autograph Karma? Colby Armstrong IP

Our town's TSN Kraft Day was this afternoon. Dan O Toole and Jay Onrait taped a live broadcast of Sports Centre during the 2010 Kraft Celebration Tour at our local regional park. People voted and our pool won a $25,000 upgrade from Kraft and TSN taped Sports Centre from the park. There were at least 1000 people at the park to take in the presentation of the cheque along with numerous activities for kids. The park is about 1 block from our house so we walked down and noticed the TSN tent. Man, I have the coolest wife, she looks over and says, "Look, there's Colby."
Sure enough, Colby Armstrong was standing at the tent. As I panned the tent, Riley Armstrong, Logan and Shay Stephenson (they're from here and their dad is our mayor Bob Stephenson (7 games with the Hartford Whalers in 1979), Logan Pyett and a few others I did not recognize. I walked over to Colby and said, "Hi".
Colby recognized me right away and asked what I was doing here. He asked if I was from here and I said I actually teach in town. I told him I wanted to get him on a Leafs jersey but did not have a #20 but had a white #9. He laughed as I said I would be right back, I ran up the hill, about a 6* incline for 50 meters and grabbed my #9. I made my way back down and Colby signed it for me. I asked him to personalize it as usual, just adds to it I think. I missed him on a Leafs jersey in July but got him on his new #9.
The broadcast began and the Onreit and O Toole involved the crowd for most of the show. I had a hunch Colby might come for this but forgot. He was at our local Folkfest last weekend and Colby actually said he played with junior with Shay Stephenson so the families are good friends. He said Bob had asked him to come down and have some fun, sign some autographs and catch up with some old friends. I chatted with Colby about the Leafs, Toronto and steak. Follow him on Twitter, 'armdog'
One of the best, people, one of the best...Yikes, GO LEAFS GO!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Johnny Bower and George Armstrong Part 1

Johnny told this one and we all had a good laugh. He said he and George Armstrong attended a junior game to do some scouting for Leafs. Bower said Armstrong did not like signing autographs but would if asked. They were watching the game one night and a small boy approached both and asked Armstrong for an autograph on a piece of paper. Armstrong did so and the boy asked for his jacket to be signed. He did so again but was a little upset. The boy came back again and asked Armstrong to sign his butt, yes his butt. He pulled down his pants and Armstrong autographed the boy's butt. Armstrong told Bower it was time to leave now and as the were heading out, Bower noticed the autograph, Armstrong signed it, 'Johnny Bower'.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Johnny Bower and the Rocket

Johnny Bower told this one about The Rocket.
He was with the New York Rangers when this happened. He commented that the fans in New York were nasty and would throw anything that was not nailed down at the players. The night the Rangers were playing the Habs, Rocket scored the first goal. Rocket looked at Johnny and said, "Hey Bower, thank you for #1."
Now, remember, Mr. Bower was telling this story and was repeating it with a French accent. Rocket scored the second goal of the game and sure enough skated by Bower and said, "Hey Bower, thank you for #2." Bower said at this time, he was a little mad at the situation. He yelled back at Rocket, "Hey Richard, what are you going to say next?"
Rocket laughed and said, "Thank you for #3, of course."
Bower said within a few minutes, Rocket raced in and Bower said he had the post hugged tight, shifted his weight just a little and Rocket got his third goal of the night. Bower said there was not very much to see, let alone get a puck through and Rocket did just that. The Ranger fans started throwing garbage on the ice and Rocket skated by Bower and said...You guessed it, Rocket said. "Hey Bower, thank you for #3!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Johnny Bower and Russ Courtnall Stories

The Pink Warrior Classic had a different method of delivering the speakers for the night. Kelly Gatzke, the PWC Founder, facilitated the first series of questions then the audience asked some. A few stories were really funny so as always, I recorded some and will retell some. I will post one everyday for the next five days.
The first one that comes to mind was a story Courtnall told. In his fist year or two as the Hound Line, Wendel Clark came to him before a game in Detroit. Wendel said, "If something happens and I'm not there in 3 secs, you're on your own."
So the faceoff was at center ice and Wendel was against Bob Probert, Leeman grabbed someone, and Courtnall with a rookie named Basil McRae. Courtnall said Wendel was really hammering Probert and Mcrae had a chock hold on Courtnall. He said he was turning purple and could not breathe. He heard Clark yell at McRae as he was punching Probert, "Basil, if you don't let him go, I'm going to come over there next!"
Courtnall said McRae threw his hands up in the air instantly and wanted no part of Clark. He added when Wendel had a healthy back, he was by far one of the toughest ever.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Johnny Bower and Russ Courtnall

Signed at the Pink Warrior Classic in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. This a incredible fundraiser for breast cancer awareness operated by a remarkable couple.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Luke Schenn Day II

I was really surprised to chat with Luke and realize he is just like Brayden. I would say Luke is a little more reserved. He gets a bad rap in the media, he is a great guy and will chat with fans, take pictures and sign autographs.
2009-2010 BAP
I really like the ITG card, very cool!