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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trip to the Local Hobby Shop, GARBAGE, Kinda...

My trip to my fav hobby shop yesterday made me realize a few things. The UD Sp Game Used is GARBAGE! Yes, many packs later, I have never pulled an auto from a pack. I bought 3 yesterday and this was my loot. GARBAGE! So walking around the store I came across these fine items to add to my collection. Brayden plays his junior in town so I flipped this over to see the COA was from the Saskatoon Blades. $40...Cool. The Rider mini-helmet was a little more cash but Andy Fantuz is now a Bear so these items are going to be tough to find very soon. Now the funny thing, collectors are competitive people but wow...A fellow in the hobby shop was shooting his mouth off about the Schenn brothers. They claimed they had the best Schenn collection in town. Hmm, want to compare Gretzky jerseys collections too buddy....I just laughed and walked away....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Colby Armstrong Team Canada Jersey

Look on the right side, Henderson jersey pics added today!

I sent a number into AJ Sports before Xmas and finally got around to getting it sent back. I have met Colby numerous times but thought a Colby Team Canada jersey would be, you know, kinda cool. Anyway, this was signed 2007 WC, thought that was a nice touch.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paul Henderson's Team Canada 1972 Jersey

The Paul Henderson's Team Canada 1972 Jersey Tour was in Saskatoon today. The tour is funded by Smart Centres owned by Mitchell Goldhar and is traveling across Canada to share the jersey with Canadians. I was there a few minutes after it opened to be welcomed at the door by a Tour Worker. He was welcoming and held the door open for me. The first area was a small room which had a few Team Canada items. The first was a framed Team Canada 1972 Card set. This is where is got very cool, very quick. The whole card set was signed by Team Canada 1972 Team. This was owned by Mr. Henderson and on loan to the Tour. I was impressed by the entrance and the lady offered me a 1972 Goal Scarf and button. Hmmm, very cool.
I went through the curtain to see the Holy Grail of sports collectibles and sports memorabilia.
I honestly was at a loss for words at first. We are all collectors and here was perhaps the top piece of sports memorabilia in Canada. I took pictures of the displays, it was hard to believe the entire display area was on the back of a semi truck. There was lots of room to walk and even sit down. I overheard one of the workers tell a patron Mr. Henderson would not sign autographs. They were afraid people would be lined up around the block in each city and loose the appeal of the jersey. Eeek, that sucks. That would have made my top 3 for sure but oh well....
They announced that Mr. Henderson would be showing up at 1:00pm and we could just hang out and wait. So, I sat at the bench in front of his jersey and took pictures, yes for 20 mins, I took close to 50 pictures of the same thing. But, well worth it.
I had my back turned to the jersey and heard Mr. Henderson's voice. He showed up just after 1:00 laughing that his 6 concussions was the reason why he was late. He told stories and took questions from the audience. I asked him if, they were ever scared if they had any success while playing in Moscow. He said they were not scared but nervous. They were locked down at night and had to hand their keys in to the desk at night. He also mentioned that he thought the whole area Team Canada was in was bugged so they never offered anything but some, as Mr. Henderson said, "They'd think I was a great lover!"
I will post a few more stories and post all of the picture tomorrow. And no autographs, but answer me this; should I be mad? I don't feel disappointed at all. Would you be?
A picture with Paul Henderson with his jersey while you're wearing a Team Canada jersey.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Check Back Sunday Night for a Huge Surprise!

If you thought anything I have got in the last year has been cool, this might be top 3. Trust me, check back Sunday and no hints!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow, A Very Cool Night...A Guy Name Bower....

We attended the Oldtimer Game tonight and wow, a very cool night. The pregame public skate brought out Gary Leeman and Bernie Nicholls. They skated with people, signed autographs and chatted with everyone. I asked Bernie for a pic and to sign and puck and he was more than happy to oblige. I chatted with Bernie and asked him a few questions about what he has been up to. He mentioned he was at Gretzky's Fantasy Camp three weeks ago and he is a ready to go moose hunting soon. He is a down to earth guy, very cool to chat with.

We headed up to grab our seats and were pleasantly surprised with someone we ran into.
Theo signed and took pics with about 15 people. He looks very happy with his life now. I grew up in the town next to Theo and was buddy's with his brother growing up. I mentioned this to Theo and he said that Teddy was upstairs. I went up to find him and we chatted for about 15 mins. I bought the Theo Team Canada photo for $20.
Good deal.
I was not prepared to buy a $120 Oldtimer jersey again, so I made sure I got all the things signed that I brought.

Top R-L Igor Kravchuk, Bryan Trottier, Val Bure Theo Fleury, Bernie Nicholls, Val Bure Trottier Card
Hey, I am being a jerk now...Here's the good stuff.....

This was really cool to have Mr. Bower in attendance. He signed for a charge though, a little step but I finally got my own Bower jersey signed in person. I have 4 signed Bower jerseys now, only 1 signed in person. I mentioned I met him in Spiritwood and he smiled and said how much fun that was. So, $40 to get a signed Johnny Bower jersey when he's sitting right in front of you, would you do it? Yah, I didn't even blink....

Signed Theo Fleury Team Canada Jersey (no nameplate yet though)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Items Have to Go!

I am cleaning out my closet, some items are now up for auction if you are interested. I now have almost too much. I hate to do this but I still have a stack of about 15 signed numbers so some of jerseys, photos and helmet have to go!
Doug Gilmour Leafs jersey
Wendel Clark Signed Leafs Helmet
Gagner/Cogliano signed photo
Theo Fleury Signed Book

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gene Makowsky Signed CFL Football and Rider Jersey

This time of year is usually -40 with the wind and yes there are snow banks as high as my deck. But you can also count on our trusty Saskatchewan Roughriders to attend community events all over Saskatchewan. Today, Gene Makowsky, Grey Cup Champ 2007, made an appearance at a cattle booth to sign autographs. Gene is from Saskatoon and is a trained teacher with a B.Ed Degree, the same as me. He subs in the off season and is a real pleasure to chat with. I went to high school and university with Gene, never spoke to him but there was some 800 students at my high school. I mentioned to him a few years ago that we went to high school and university and both are teachers. No longer was the conversation about the CFL football but school dynamics. I got a football signed by Geno and a few other Riders three weeks ago and he remembered the meeting. I do always mention the teaching thing and he it triggers his memory. Today was not different, he called me by name and we chatted again about teaching and he signed my jersey and football. I am not crazy about where he signed it but oh well. Gene is a great guy and it's always neat to chat with him.
Now I hope you finish reading this blog entry, April 9, we're having supper with Gretzky, Walter Gretzky.