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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flames Islanders GAME DAY

Third period seats were not that good, could not see anything. Just hanging out behind the bench. I woke up this morning and really had no idea what the score was!

Approx 400 pics in the gallery to be uploaded in the next day or two!

The Islanders were getting on the bus when I got them so I told my wife this would be one last shot for the Flames. We drove to the hotel to see a bus in front, of course. We walked over and Cory Sarich was chatting with someone, I motioned for a picture with him and he said in a minute. I walked over to Adam Pardy and he signed my puck, asked him how camp was and he said, "Good". Cory was finishing up and walked over to me. I said he had signed for me before so I wanted a picture. He agreed happily and I asked him how I can get into his local golf tournament next year. He told me how to do it and we discussed the details for about 5minutes. As White, Backlund, Sutter, Kronwall and a few others walked on the bus behind me. That hurt, but I was chatting with a great local guy, Stanley Cup Champ (that hurts a little) and that will benefit me next summer when I am in his tournament. My wife walked over to Glencross and chatted for a bit where he signed her jersey for her. I called Curtis's name and he walked over. This will be a white on yellow for the retro jersey. After chasing them all day with no sign, it was nice to get them finally.

TOP L-R Adam Pardy, Zenon Konopk, Rick DiPietro
Bottom L-R John Tavares, Nino Niederreiter, Ian White
My silver sharpie failed so some of the pucks did not sign well. I caught most of the Islanders at the hotel. In fact, I asked Konopk to redo the puck and he did making it thicker. Cool guy! The DiPietro puck was also signed at the hotel. I walked back in to look for JT and saw where the guys were waiting. When three players walked towards me, the third one was JT. When I got to Tavares, I asked very politely and he stopped. The silver was not working well so I would not risk it. I got it signed in black sharpie so it would look better. I do not regret it one bit. I caught him in the hotel walking and caught him off guard. He signed and we chatted for a bit, I just asked him questions.
The Niederreiter puck was signed after the Isls practice.
Conroy was the target at the game, I knew 110% he would sign it, he's just that type of guy. Our seats were on the other side but headed down behind the bench. After the warm-up Conroy skated off and signed for people. I draped my jersey over and he signed right away. I mentioned my petition worked we got him back for 1 more year and he laughed. I thanked him and took it back to the vehicle. Some of the other guys signed for people but I was not worried about them, got who I wanted. I paid $16 for this jersey on eBay.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Day, Ready?

This will only be a teaser til tomorrow, Flames/Islanders in town tonight and it was a slow start to the day but ended with a bang! Here's the list, Nino Niederreiter, Rick DiPietro, Sarich, Glencross, Conroy, Zenon Konopka, Ian White, and oh yah, John Tavares. More to come tomorrow....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Leeman, Polonich, Steen, Valiquette, Fluery and Probert, yes Probert

Tonight was the annual Battle of the Badges in town. Every year NHL'ers show up to raise money for the Saskatoon Crisis Nursery. It is not a upper level event if you catch my drift so the merchandise is usually lower end. The players usually vary, last year was the putz Ronning, Igor Kravchuk and Billy Smith. This year's group brought us one of my favorites Gary Leeman, local favorite Dennis Polonich, Winnipeg Jet Alumni Thomas Steen and Leaf Alumni, Jack Valiquette. I picked up my pucks to get signed but was a little ticked, I wanted Leeman on a Leafs jersey but I could not get the number kit in time. So the plan was a few pucks and some odds and ends from the merchandise booth. I always spend a few bucks there. I knew 1964-65 Stanley Cup Champion Gary Peters would be around so I had a Habs puck waiting. I caught him in the hallway and he showed my his new Cup ring for the Habs Alumni from the early Cup years. We chatted for a bit and he allowed me to wear his ring, cool. My finger did burn awhile after, get it? He was really nice and explained the parts of the ring. I spent some money at the booth and got some new and cool items. Look what I found, a signed Bob Probert mini stick with Theo Fluery, I had to have it! RIP BOBBY.....But who is the middle signature? Anyone? I have no idea....

I waited until he end of the first period to catch the guys and saw Polonich talking on his cell phone. I motioned with my hand for an autograph and he nodded yes, and pointed for me to go in the dressing room. I said I wanted him and said I would wait til he was done. When he was finished on the phone, the took me into the room. This was different, this was my 5th or 6th time there and the players always dressed with the other guys. This year all the NHL'ers were in one room. I walked in to see Steen and Leeman on one side and Polonich and Valiquette and the other. I mentioned that I felt like a kid with these guys and they just smiled. Steen signed an Oldtimer puck and signed it JETS, cool. Polonich signed my Wings puck and I walked over to Leeman and asked if he remembered skating with me last March with Probert. He smiled and asked if I had a Oldtimers jersey on. I knew he was honest when he said he did. I told him how said it was to hear of Bob passing away, Leeman was almost in tears and I apologized for bringing it up. He said it was fine, they were talking about it that morning too. He did attend Bob's funeral and told me about it, its no secret what the funeral was like but out if respect for Bob, I won't repeat what Leeman told me, sorry. I did tell Leeman about me telling people of Bob making sure every kid on the ice that day had an autograph, scanning the ice with a check list in his head. He smiled and patted my shoulder and said, "Thank you for doing that for Bob." I felt bad for bringing it up but wanted him to know what I thought of Bob, a great person, no question. Jack introduced himself to me and I responded with my name and he asked if I had played with Gary. I laughed and said no, we just met while skating before the Oldtimer game in February, to hear Gary overhear the conversation and explained how he 'knew' me, the skate the the kids and big kids. We chuckled about that one. I thanked the guys and headed out. Man, I could sit and yap with Leeman for hours, great guys. Polonich actually gave me a program to get signed but I said I had some pucks. Great guy too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

John Daly Grip it and Rip it Breakfast

It was an early day yesterday but I knew it would be worth it. John was a the Telus Skins Game in Banff 5 years ago so I was able to get him on his book and a promo photo. I did have to run beside him so this was more of a laid back chance. Photos in my gallery section! He signed for every single person there, but again it was quick. It appeared that he would not take pictures with people, it felt like he said "I will sign as much as you want but then I have to go." Oh well, can never complain. I was second in line because I knew exactly how they would do the signing, but I paid $20 for a picture too so I held it out later, and he signed it. I looked in my bag and saw the Ray Bourque golf ball from last year, so I held it out and he signed that too. The ball turned out better than I thought, the Open flag bleed but its still a Major Champion winner on the course flag. 3 Videos on John hitting and speaking are in on my Youtube Channel. Check it out!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Johnny Bower and Gordie

I promised a few more of the Bower stories so here's one more. Bower made no bones about being friends with Gordie Howe. He told this interesting story about playing Detroit. When Bower had to move behind the net to play the puck, Gordie would never touch him. So this played to Bower's advantage a little. When Gordie was heading behind the net, Bower knew he had a few more seconds without getting his head taken off. He stressed, Gordie would put the puck in the net 1000 times before he'd hit Bower. As well, he said he'd seen Gordie before the event in Aug and he was not doing very well. Anyway, "Terrible Ted" Lindsay would take his head off every chance he would get, no question...

Brayden Schenn Heroes and Prospects Auto Card

Oh yah another one. I read Brayden hurt his knee this week and was flown to LA to see Kings doctors. Luke told me Brayden was in LA for most of the summer training so hope he heals quick!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Colby Armstrong Game Used Pens Stick

Had to get this one, just had to. Bought from the Pens with LOA. Cracked yes, but I firmly believe I can get it signed later for my collection. Pics this weekend!