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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guess who?

Well, hell may have frozen over.
Seriously, new baby on the way, items are now for sale.  Cleaning out the closets
Email me if your interested or check ebay kcsummer2004.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, That's It Folks....

I had a tough time deciding this but this will be my last post, maybe forever or maybe for a long time. I am leaning towards forever. I love my blog and sharing my successes but just don't have the same 'drive' to upkeep it. I will keep the blog up, I am going to try to turn it into a hardcover book. I will still keep collecting, can't give that up but have even turned down some chances this past summer. I will hang around so to speak so if you have a question or want to share something, go for it, I will respond quick. Plus, I will keep checking for other successes on other collector blogs, I love this hobby that much. I will be twittering when I get something so follow me there if you want. So all the best to you guys and see yah!
PS...I am keeping www.hockeyfreaks.ca, that's too cool to give up

Friday, July 22, 2011

Telus Skins Game Monday Tuesday TSN

Telus Skins game is in Banff Alberta this Mon/Tues. Lucas Glover, Paul Casey, Johnny Vegas, Stephen Ames and Anthony Kim will be battling it out in Banff with the proceeds going toward the Alberta Cancer Clinic. The Pro Am in the am usually is the best spot for autographs so if you're curious follow me on twitter @kcwalt and I will send updates and pics throughout the day! #telusworldskinsgame

Monday, July 11, 2011

Luke Schenn and Johnny Bower-Leafs Day!

I just received these in the mail from Frozen Pond this week. I sent the Schenn jersey in for the signing there earlier and the Bower #1 was from Bowers signing in March. This was the signing where Mr. Bower confirmed the send in jersey from johnnybower.net was authentic. Just to make sure though, I told them to get a #1 signed for me and if the other jersey was not real, I could just trade the #1 over. Luckily, both Bower jerseys are real and that makes the Bower jersey count; 4. The Schenn jersey count; 4 also.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jarret Stoll Golf Tournament 2011-WoW

Boston Pizza did not sponsor this event this year so the crew headed down to the Riverlanding Area in Saskatoon for the yearly autograph session for Jarret Stoll's fundraiser for the Royal University Hospital children's ward. We showed up early, sticking with my "Let's be 10th in line instead of 100th". We could have been easily 1st. But that's not cool with 100 kids running around. They set the tables and chairs up and we stood in line, about 15th, good enough. I was pleasantly surprised they set up about 20 chairs. Which means, most of the players would attend the autograph session. The players all arrived and met the local boy, Colby Armstrong who probably came from his house instead of the hotel. We planned out our attack so things did not get messed up. Colby was first so I got out my #9 for another Leafs jersey. He knows who I am by now so we had some small talk and I asked him to sign my #9 with the 'Twitter King' reference. Paul Bissonnette was two down from Colby and I would tell him to do the same. Colby loved the idea and signed. Ethan Morueau was next signing a Blue Jackets puck for me. Wow, is he a large man, hate to get hit on the ice by him. Biz Nasty 2.o was next, and yes he dropped an 'F' bomb, and yup lots of kids heard. He signed the #1 and added Twitter King also. The Twitter thing got down the line and all the guys got a laugh from it. Very cool...The next two players I would have loved to get but just never thought they'd show for it, Steve Ott and Mike Weber. Oh well just a hearty hand shake. Sheldon Brookbank was next and he's signed for me before so I never bothered with anything for him either. Scott Hartnell was next and he signed a #1 for me personalizing it. I had a large bag with stuff and it always seems the guys think I'm a dealer. That's why I think I almost always have it personalized. My wife was behind me getting some other stuff signed, she takes pics of the guys signing, again players often think she's selling the item. They never comment but dealers really kill the hobby IMO. Nick Schultz was next and he signed a Wild puck, chatted about Cory Sarich's golf tourney in Davidson for a bit. The man was next, Jarret Stoll. He signed my Kings jersey for me and I donated some cash for his charity. He always says, "Thanks for helping out." I kept going and a lady taped me on the shoulder and handed me a signed Stoll card with puck in a case for the donation, cool. Luke Schenn was sitting with Kieth Aulie. I handed Luke a Schenn jersey to sign and explained it was for a class field trip fundraiser to Europe. He said cool and handed it to Aulie. Aulie signed it too and Schenn tried to stop him because it was an auction item. He signed it and I just said, "At least he's a Leaf.." Oh well....My wife got a Schenn Team Canada jersey signed, turnout so nice...Carter Ashton signed a black #1 for me, said I thought hed stick with the team. Drew Doughty was towards the end and I just shook his hand, no jersey or puck to sign. I have three of both. :D I asked for a pic with Drew and he told me to come around, great guy. We came to Brayden Schenn, who was traded an hour before the autograph session. I felt bad for him, he looked shocked and upset. He signed a white on black #1 for me and I just said it was great watching play around here and I wished him the best. Now I'm not sure if this turns into a Flyers jersey or Canadians...Great Kid.....Brad Richardson was second to last and then Darcy Hordichuk was the last player. I grew up about an hour from him and played with Tyler Wright (Columbus Blue Jackets) from Kamsack, his hometown. We chatted for quite awhile and I asked about Kamsack. We just have too many great guys from Saskatchewan! We walked away and I notice more guys at the end of the last table. Clark MacArthur and Tyler Bozak showed up. We stood back in line but that was fine, I got pics with the guys I wanted while waiting. When we got to the Leafs, Clark had some small 5x7s and asked if I wanted one. Cool....
I was surprised to see what my awesome wife got signed after me. She got lots of pucks signed and another Stoll jersey, great gal this one! She asked Scott Hartnell for an 8x10 he was handing out to kids. Remember the rule sometimes for getting extras? Use the cute wife..Works every time. Here's the loot......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stanley Cup Again?

Ha, made you look...Sorry....
The Stanley Cup has a 3 in 4 chance to return to this great province. I am a diehard Flames fan, we know that but this time of year, I pay attention to the semi's to see which awesome Saskatchewan player will BRING IT...home. So the Big Bad Bruins need to loose and I will get a 5th chance to see Lord Stanley's Holy Grail.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Saskatchewan Roughriders

I knew that a few Riders would be in town at the Man Show this weekend. I ended up playing 18 holes of golf on Friday and missed players the show. So Weston Dressler and Luc Mullinder were in town and they often show up in other places. I was planning on Saturday to head to a new Canadian Tire and get Darian Durant on a #4 for the last Rider jersey I plan to make. Remember, he was the exception. We had an hour to kill before the Durant 1:00pm signing and headed to another mall. If I would have thought about it, The Rider Store is in this mall and chances are...
Sure enough, we walked in to see the traditional table setup in front of the Rider Store and that means someone is signing that day. There were 3 people in line to get all three players autographs. I ran to the vehicle and grabbed my #4 (the black is not attached so it looks off a little). Darian signed the #4 and I told him I was head up to Canadian Tire so this saved me a couple of hours. He asked were the new store was. I gave him my best set of directions, which probably was not good and even jokingly offered to drive him. I said to Durant, "With him and the controls, we'll get back there every time." He said, "Thanks!"
We got our pics with Darian and my wife went shopping for awhile. I walked around and headed back into the store to buy pics of the guys, what the heck kinda thing. Both guys signed for me and that was a day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Man I Love This Province!

If you have ever read the opening of my blog or any post in June, you will not see this as any surprise. The Jarret Stoll golf tourney is coming up, lots of players to attend, plus the Saskatchewan Children's Hospital is having a WHL fundraiser in early June. Now, think about who has come out of the WHL in the last 7 years and is from Saskatchewan or played here. So announced today, Jordan Eberle, Luke Schenn, Colby Armstrong among other players will be riding their bikes from Prince Albert, Sk to Saskatoon Sk to help raise money for the hospital. They claim numerous NHL'ers, former NHL'ers, and current WHL'ers will be around for activities.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wayne Gretzky Autographed Ranger Photo Last Game-Personalized

As promised, I received 4 signed photos all personalized. This is a beautiful 8x10 from WGA, so Wayne Gretzky's desk...lol! So does this go in the frame? Walter G is a great man, thanks so much!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wayne Gretzky Autographed Ranger Photo Last Game-Personalized

I received my signed Wayne Gretzky last game photos from Walter Gretzky today as promised. Personalized to each of us! Photos on Sunday! Wow....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getzlaf IP-Signed Jersey!

Chris Getzlaf, from the Saskatchewan Roughriders was in town along with Running Back Neil Hughes to sign autographs and meet the fans at our trade show. I am super sick with pneumonia so the best wife in the world went down to attend to business. The line was not too long but while waiting, she met an older man with a neat jersey. He told her the story of how his son met Jason Clarmont of the Riders in the winter. Most of the Riders have winter jobs in Regina so it's very common to come across some of them doing mostly professional jobs; Clarmont owns a real estate company in Regina. He gave the gentleman this;
A retro signed Rider jersey

look real close to this pic, save it, zoom in on his right hand. Grey Cup Ring!

These will be custom Rider jerseys, as usual. The Makowsky jersey is almost done. I really don't want to get into Rider jerseys, too expensive. $90 a jersey that never goes on sale and never on eBay. No one sells their jerseys. Durant is the only exception to this now. And he is easy to get...

My camera hates florescent lights, steady shot, blurry pic.

She bbm me with the message; "Done".

Friday, April 15, 2011

More Walter Gretzky

The girls are Team Canada's Team and the World Junior Curling Championship,this year's Silver Medalist and Mike McCullough.

The thing I planned with Walter Gretzky was to bring up history with him. After all, that's what Wayne told about his dad; he loves history. The dinner was very informal and as stated before Walter was the host, he mingled with everyone. I managed to talk to him before dinner and had the pic of Wayne and I to show Walter. I said exactly what Wayne said, "You should talk to my dad, he knows everything about history." Walter looked at our picture and he started talking history. He was as passionate about it as I was, I teach it for a living. I commented on Wayne being a very classy man and he did a great job with him. He told me two or three stories about Wayne and I just smiled. He thanked me for saying that to him about Wayne, saying not many would have done that for him. He looked at the picture again and asked if he should sign it, I said that would be great. He shook my hand and continued on his way. That was a 15 min conversation with Walter Gretzky. My wife said he was really taken with me from that point. He came over to our table 2 times to check on us and ask us questions. She figured I made an impression on him and that's why he said he would send me some signed pictures of Wayne.
He was a comedian when he spoke, very funny. But someone at our table wondered why he only told a few stories about Wayne. After his brain aneurysm, he remembers nothing about Wayne's career.

A Flames Day, Gotta Love 'Em!

Today's mail brought many things, all Flames related.

Craig Conroy Signed Team USA Jersey
Jamie Lundmark's Game Worn jersey

I almost never buy autographs, lord knows I have too many already but when you collect a player and know their autograph, you can make a safe purchase.
Theo Fleury signed #4, my wife wanted a Flames jersey and both Fleury jerseys I have are actually Team Canada.