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Friday, April 15, 2011

More Walter Gretzky

The girls are Team Canada's Team and the World Junior Curling Championship,this year's Silver Medalist and Mike McCullough.

The thing I planned with Walter Gretzky was to bring up history with him. After all, that's what Wayne told about his dad; he loves history. The dinner was very informal and as stated before Walter was the host, he mingled with everyone. I managed to talk to him before dinner and had the pic of Wayne and I to show Walter. I said exactly what Wayne said, "You should talk to my dad, he knows everything about history." Walter looked at our picture and he started talking history. He was as passionate about it as I was, I teach it for a living. I commented on Wayne being a very classy man and he did a great job with him. He told me two or three stories about Wayne and I just smiled. He thanked me for saying that to him about Wayne, saying not many would have done that for him. He looked at the picture again and asked if he should sign it, I said that would be great. He shook my hand and continued on his way. That was a 15 min conversation with Walter Gretzky. My wife said he was really taken with me from that point. He came over to our table 2 times to check on us and ask us questions. She figured I made an impression on him and that's why he said he would send me some signed pictures of Wayne.
He was a comedian when he spoke, very funny. But someone at our table wondered why he only told a few stories about Wayne. After his brain aneurysm, he remembers nothing about Wayne's career.

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