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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Saskatchewan Roughriders

I knew that a few Riders would be in town at the Man Show this weekend. I ended up playing 18 holes of golf on Friday and missed players the show. So Weston Dressler and Luc Mullinder were in town and they often show up in other places. I was planning on Saturday to head to a new Canadian Tire and get Darian Durant on a #4 for the last Rider jersey I plan to make. Remember, he was the exception. We had an hour to kill before the Durant 1:00pm signing and headed to another mall. If I would have thought about it, The Rider Store is in this mall and chances are...
Sure enough, we walked in to see the traditional table setup in front of the Rider Store and that means someone is signing that day. There were 3 people in line to get all three players autographs. I ran to the vehicle and grabbed my #4 (the black is not attached so it looks off a little). Darian signed the #4 and I told him I was head up to Canadian Tire so this saved me a couple of hours. He asked were the new store was. I gave him my best set of directions, which probably was not good and even jokingly offered to drive him. I said to Durant, "With him and the controls, we'll get back there every time." He said, "Thanks!"
We got our pics with Darian and my wife went shopping for awhile. I walked around and headed back into the store to buy pics of the guys, what the heck kinda thing. Both guys signed for me and that was a day!

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